There’s an App for That: Where to Find Great Apps

Apps, short for mobile applications, are software applications commonly run on smartphones. Smartphones almost ubiquitously run on an operating system called Android. This means that many apps are actually created with the Android operating system and smartphone in mind. Apps, in point of fact, can also be downloaded and executed on tablets and myriad mobile devices but the term apps in common parlance means a piece of software for smartphones running on Android operating system.

Background and Changing Purposes

An interesting study from May 2012 actually showed that slightly more smartphone users utilized apps instead of browsing the web with their mobile devices. This is intuitive once the reader considers the capabilities and intent of most apps. Mobile applications were originally intended to boost productivity and the retrieval of information but over the years apps have metamorphosed into platforms for rolodexes, games, complex manufacturing automation, and even GPS powered store finders. With these capabilities in mind, this article will investigate the best sources for locating the hottest apps.

PC Magazine

The publication PC Magazine recently disseminated an article on the top one hundred apps for mobile devices. The article sifts through the more than one hundred thousand mobile applications for the Mac’s iPhone and the more than ten thousand mobile applications for Google’s Android powered mobile devices. On the iPhone side of things, PC Magazine focused on the reputable and information “Associated Press App,” which allows iPhone users access to all of Associated Press’ online content. One of the top apps on the Android side was called the “Advanced Task Killer App,” which presents itself a task manager of sorts for all of one’s Android Apps. The Advanced Task Killer App actually terminates apps that are severely hampering overall performance speeds, although this function can itself be terminated on demand.


This is an online syndicate dedicated to purveying the top Android apps. Many but not all of the offerings on are free of charge. The site showcases free tutorials on how to use the Android apps as well as customer reviews on particular Android mobile applications. A page written last week, actually, informs the reader of apps she may employ to relocate her smartphone once lost or stolen. The SeekDroid mobile application, for instance, allows the app holder to log onto a website and locate her phone via GPS technology. In addition, this application allows the original smartphone user to lock the phone, trigger its alarm, or shut down the smartphone altogether. This application can be purchased before or after the presumed theft to help locate a lost or stolen cell phone operating on the Android platform.

New York Times

The world famous New York Times ran an article on December 28th, 2011 that corralled the top ten Apps for the Android operating system. Because Google’s Android operating system is open-source, some mobile applications can come with viruses or otherwise accrue viruses with enough time. That said, there’s a free app for the Android OS, which the New York Times includes in its roundup, called Webroot. Webroot is a piece of software that scans one’s Android powered phone looking for corrupted programs or malicious messages.

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