10 Awesome iPhone Apps That You Avoid Using

How well do you know your iPhone? Oh yes you are the user, but do you use all the functionality available with the device? There are many apps that stay unused with iPhone. You will notice a lot many apps, awesome ones that most of you are not even aware about. These apps are interactive, interesting and exciting too. They are intuitive, give out a good interface, and provide you with the best experience possible.

Here’s a list of such apps that are interesting and lesser known to people. You will have fun digging through this list.


If you are a person who loves clicking pictures with your iPhone, then give your click love a significant boost with the VSCO cam app. The settings that remain unavailable with iPhone camera can be figuratively used with this app. You get to tweak cam settings like focus, shutter speed and provide a better picture with your iPhone. Editing your image is a terrific experience with this app.


This is one of the lesser known paid apps available with iPhone. You can customize the phone app icons using this app. Make your phone’s apptop (app desktop) look funky and interesting with this app installed. You can get this app on iStore for $1.99. With this app, you can create shortcuts for the various functions like creating a message, email etc. All these functions can be performed with a single tap

Dark Sky

Taking weather predictions to the minute, this paid app gives you weather insights with a difference. You will know the exact minute when it will snow or rain, and can predict the movements of the weather accordingly. You will get alerts on storm and other movements of the weather when you need to stay indoors or get protection. This app can be availed for $3.99


This app is cool! You can record your life on this app in a stylish way. Click pictures, record videos, and post it to this app. It is like Tumblr just that its more stylish and enticing than the original Tumblr app. You can share your personal space with your friends. Connect and communicate with Dayre which is a free iPhone app. Lesser known but very effective!


If you have been creating vertical videos with your iPhone and that does not make you happy, then you need to download the Horizon app to your phone. It is a camera app that allows you to record portrait videos that too in a horizontal fashion. This app allows you to click videos in three different aspect ratios and allows you to customize the video using the 8 different filters available with the app. This app is available on iStore for $0.99


Bored with the default keyboard that comes with iPhone? Time to change to the new interactive keyboard! Download Fleksy which is available on the store for $0.99. Swipe and write using this interactive keyboard. The prediction and auto-correct features available with this keyboard are incredible. This keyboard automatically resizes in a way that you get proper view of the keys and the words.


The trial version of this app is available for you on the store for $4.99. You can produce translations of the languages you don’t know. This works for 16 languages which includes Chinese, Japanese, German etc. so, if you are in a new land and are not aware of the language they speak, use this dictionary and learn the basic words to get going.


Split up the restaurant bill without worrying about not getting paid back! Here’s an app that directly connects to your bank account and allows you to charge your friends for the bill amount you just paid. With this app, you can stay assured that your restaurant bills will never go unpaid.


New to the city! No plans for the day? Pull out this app, and stop staying indoors when you can have loads of fun. This app pulls out information about the happening places and worth visiting sites in a particular city. So, just use this free app, get information and get started with your tour around the city.

Doorsteps Swipe

This is your tinder app for real estate. Don’t know where good houses are placed, then just download this app and place your requirement. The app will find all the best deals in real estate available for you in your desired location.

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