Tricks To Frame Effective Blog Monetization Strategies

Blogs though incepted with the idea of sharing and airing views on different current affair issues and remained an effective tool for the media professionals but in current world it has become one of the ways of making money online. You can find blogs with every topic under the sun and as per estimates, more than 30 million people in the US alone are actively involved in blogging, which showcases one of the biggest representations of bloggers all over the world. One of the ways in which blogs are used today is a platform to make money online. There are many bloggers who end up making good money. The following are some of the best blog monetization strategies, let’s check them out:


Using the PPC (Pay per click) ads, you can make handsome money. In fact, this is one of the most popular strategies adopted by bloggers to make money online. The PPC ads are published over the Adword program, which are based on certain optimized keywords. The advertisers pay Google to place these ads for their targeted keywords. In order to start using this option, all you need is a blog with a decent traffic and register for this program. Google would pay certain pre-defined amount every time if someone coming over your blog clicks the ads placed on it. So regardless of the product you sell out over your blog for the ads placed, you end up making good money. The only requirement is that your blog should be able to have a good amount of traffic then only you end up making good money out of it.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money through blogging. If you are able to register for the right kind of affiliate marketing program and promote these products over your blog, you end up making good money with this option. This strategy works when readers coming at your blog shop these promoted products, this tend to give you certain percentage from these sales. Among the popular affiliate marketing programs include Amazon Associates, all you are supposed to do is to set up an account for the same and choose products, which you can easily promote over your blog. The kind of money you make would depend upon the number of sales taking place via your blog. One of the best things about this option is that you are able to link with your social media sites very easily, which helps you a lot in promoting these products you have over your blog. In fact, treading the social media path can make your products go viral and can garner good response from customers. The other popular affiliate marketing programs include SkimLinks and ClickBank.

The Advertising Sales

The other way in which you can make good money over your blog is via selling out ad space on your blog. These include the two popular options for the ad sales, the banner and text box ads. The advertisers would then pay for the space you provide them over your blog in the above said ways. However, this strategy can only work when you have good amount of traffic coming over your blog especially when your blog has unique visitors. So if you are keen to fetch good results out of this format, first make sure you have a tangible kind of traffic and start reaping good results out of it.

Paid Posts

Another way to make money is via the paid posts is by simply reviewing a number of products and services of different businesses over your blog or you can take any best seo services also for this. There are several sites including Review Me and PayPerPost, which you could try out to review a number of products and services and thus end up making good money out of it. However, when it comes to trying out this option make sure you understand the way this option works. Also, it is vital that you maintain your integrity level and do not just give positive feedback unless you really find the product worthy.

Become A Brand Ambassador

These days both the smaller and bigger business groups hire brand ambassadors in order to blog about their own products. This simply means that you can make money from the company for which you are blogging with specific frequency. If you are keen to be a brand ambassador for any company, make sure you try out reaching out that specific company via its outlet of social media or from their relevant PR department.

Final Word

If you have a blog having a tangible kind of traffic then you can really make good money out of it. The above are some of the ways or monetizing strategies, which you could use to make good money out it. Try these out and make good money out of it.

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